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Punch+Fury 2021

'2 AM' Original Abstract Artwork

'2 AM' Original Abstract Artwork

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40cm x 50cm
423 x 523 x 19mm Framed

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Original Abstract Artwork

"It's 2am. It's peaceful, quiet...but the night still has a lot to offer, good and bad. Colours fill the room from the TV, left on MTV, playing nonsense. Mute. Subtitles to songs I've never even heard of. Adverts for things which seem ridiculous to me now. Fashion, food, holidays...All I hear is twinkling nursery rhymes on repeat, tinny and grating from a toy sheep. Neither of us sleep, but you're not really awake either. I don't even know if you can see the same colours as me. I can't possibly rest. Standing guard over you with one eye on the TV. Resentful that it's 2am and I'm not able to enjoy the night as I once could. No music, no dancing, just an awkward embrace. And Milk. I may be a human cow but I'm your human cow and I will stay awake through all hours if you need me to."

Framed original, abstract artwork in a beautiful, white, handmade, obeche wooden tray frame. Ready to hang 

Acrylic and spray paint on triple primed canvas. It has a matt archival varnished finish for added protection

Shipping available worldwide; your painting will be carefully packaged, insured, and shipped by a tracked courier (usually DHL) You are responsible for any Customs fees that may be due on international orders, depending on your country; the courier will be in touch with you regarding these when your parcel arrives in your country.

Please note, colours shown may vary from screen to screen. All copyright and reproduction rights remain the property of the artist, Lauren Anne Marie Carter and Punch+Fury Limited. Photography by Atelier Sturgess Ltd


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