Ordering a Commission Online

For some people, ordering a bespoke piece of artwork feels very strange, so we've tried to make our process as easy and interactive as possible. There's no right or wrong and we always work closely with all our clients to make sure the experience is enjoyable and personal.

We're also very proud to offer payment plans through Klarna and Clearpay as well as monthly invoices so don’t feel shy about getting in touch to find out about more ways to pay.

We've listed the key steps involved in ordering a commission so you know what to expect…


Step 1

Choose a size and a location - AKA Where is your painting going to live!

Knowing where you want to hang your painting and how much space you have is the best place to start if it's your first time purchasing art. Do you want to create a gallery with an eclectic mix of paintings and prints or do you want one large statement piece? Will the space be lit by natural light or will you have lights coming from a lampshade. Would you like your painting landscape or portrait? All these little details help us to decide the best size for you and what type of paint to use! In some cases our clients know they are moving house and want to get a head start in creating something to build the room around or, simply they want something which will always feel at home with them no matter where they live. 

We have a number of standard sizes which you can see in the product pages here, but we can of course make something of any size. 

Step 2

Choose your colour palette.

Once you know where you're going to hang your painting, you can start to think about what colours will work best in that space and of course, what colours you love. We can colour match and include any commercial wall paint so you can feel confident your painting will sit beautifully on your wall. Sharing photos of the space with us is super helpful too, so feel free to overshare! We can also advise you on would would work in your space so don't worry if you don't have any strong feelings of what you'd like. Since Covid-19 we've stopped doing home visits but if you are in London and would like this we are more than happy to. 

Step 3

Choose your mood

Abstract art is very emotional and so are we so we love to know how you want your painting to make you feel. Some clients have asked for "moody", others for "inspirational" - if you can feel it, we can make it. We've had postcards from summer holidays, albums, books and films as source material - and we love it. The more the better!

You can also give us direction on the type of texture you'd like which often goes hand in hand with mood. Thick bold textures with primary colours for an uplifting piece - or smooth, blended tones for a calming vibe.

Step 4

Choose your frame colour

Our frames are all made by hand and are designed to complement our canvases. We can paint your frame however you wish. We often use commercial wall paint to create harmony with your walls or skirting board so if that's something you'd like, please ask. We can create a matt finish (for most colours) or gloss. All frames are varnished to ensure they are hard wearing. 

Step 5 

Place your order!

Once you're happy with the rough shape of things in your mind, go ahead and place an order, we will get in touch with you shortly after to ensure we have understood your brief and know what you want. 


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