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The Places We Have Come To Miss The Most

After months of being cooped up together in the studio, we decided that we had to find a way of escaping; to find a way to make up for all this lost time, travel and experience... ⁠Of course we haven’t been able to leave our bubbles, but with some soul-searching we wanted to pay homage to the places which we lost ourselves in, which ironically now due to restricted travel we have lost. ⁠ Through this we have created 10 limited edition framed Landscape paintings, inspired by 10 different locations we've longed for this year, all signed and made with love.⁠ This is a first for us and something very personal we wanted to share with you all, because it’s something we’ve all felt, something we’ve all experienced and gone through together during this pandemic.⁠ We know we’re not alone in this feeling, and perhaps with these paintings, you and your loved ones can look at these pieces and like us, just escape, get lost. ⁠ For everyone who couldn't go on their long awaited holiday, or who had to cancel a destination wedding years in the planning, or had a honeymoon that was postponed, or a visit postponed to far away friends...We see you and feel for your loss. ⁠


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