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Original Piece - #ButNotMaternity


Covid 19 and extreme morning sickness has made the last 9 months quite literally, hell. 

There was no glowing earth mama over here. Just a big ball of anger. 

 But aside from my personal experience, there is a huge, quite catastrophic amount of injustice that is welling up for every woman / parent who has experienced either pregnancy, birth or even just parenting during the pandemic. 

This piece was my therapy for all those feeling of helplessness and rage at how our government decided to treat people who are LITERALLY RAISING THE NEXT GENERATION at their most vulnerable. 

Wear a mask during labour - torture. 

Labour without your SO or birthing partner - A life changing experience that can not be re-done. Women should not be alone. 

6 week postpartum check up on the phone - what a joke. 

No Health visitor support in person. 


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