How it All Started - Punch+Fury

How it All Started

Punch and Fury was born from the minds of Lauren (right) and Laura (left) way back in 2018. It all started in a small independent coffee shop in West London where both Laura and Lauren met...

The classic love story with a twist - Laura was the Barista, Lauren was the customer. After a piece of bad news and a shit day, the universe brought them together when Laura offered a hug. From then on the friendship bloomed and the back-and-forth desires for covering blank walls, anger at things not right with the world and a love of music meant that it wasn't long before a business idea was inevitable. 

"I remember thinking that Laura was one of the coolest people I'd met. She had great teeth and such interesting hands and knew so much about things I had no clue about. I think I made her a mug first as a way of showing my general gratitude in her existence. Then I made her a painting. It was quite an emotional gift exchange and then it just all fell into place. I would paint my ragey and confused feelings and Laura could frame them and complete the puzzle. And that's where we are today. Crazy it all started with some coffee and a chance encounter."


Our aim today is to create every custom piece with a passion for understanding the client's desires and personality. We know we've done it right when the piece evokes their own character as well as a bit of our own. 

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The last piece of the origin story is how and why each of us got into our respective crafts...but that's for another day!

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