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Made in London. Bred with Anger

Welcome to Punch+Fury - your London Art collective founded by the forever furious Lauren and Laura. We are two women who are fucked off about many, many things (sexism, racism, homophobia...) who create abstract paintings in hand-crafted frames. We channel our rage into our art (because therapy is expensive) so that we can turn our ugly into something beautiful.

We believe that art should be accessible to all and not a privilege, which is why we've made sure there's something on our store for everyone. From affordable posters to Big Bastard commissions you need a van to take it home in - we've got it covered. We've also partnered with ClearPay to offer a range of payment options.

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Buying a Commission

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Limited Editions

Original Paintings


Prints for Everyone

We get it, not everyone wants a print that's been hand signed with the artists favourite pencil by the light of a full moon. Sometimes, a beautifully basic poster print is all you need. So we've done it all. We've got Poster Prints, Open Editions and Limited Editions - whatever you choose it will be made with love and totally carbon neutral. So no guilt please!

Recent Work

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Doing our bit

We try and only use our powers for good and one of the reasons we started Punch+Fury was to channel our rage into positivity. If you work for a charity or would like to speak to us about a possible collaboration please get in touch.